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Alien will turn to “deb” in “rpm” and vice versa


This article was written in the 2010, there may have been some developments in the subject matter.
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Today we see a small handbook for the operation of "alien”, application that converts archives "deb"To Debian in “rpm"To RedHat, and vice versa. Clearly available only for GNU / Linux. Although it is a stable software and regularly updated, “alienshould not be used for the installation of packages important for the system. Alien offers an alternative if they do not exist compiled packages for your distribution, is not suitable to replace the system libraries.

Installing from the repository:

Alien is included in the repositories of the major distributions on the market download. To install it on RedHat, Fedora and derived a simple launch:

[user@localhost:~]$ su -c 'yum -y install alien'

To Debian, Ubuntu and derived the evergreen:

[user@localhost:~]$ sudo apt-get install alien


The command line syntax is Alien semantically intuitive, I do not think there is a need to explain the commands.

To convert ".deb”:

[user@localhost:~]$ alien --to-deb [<opz>] <packet>...

To convert ".rpm”:

[user@localhost:~]$ alien --to-rpm [<opz>] <packet>...

E 'can also convert ".tgz"O".pkg"With the same procedure.

Unfortunately,, despite being a program evolved and having reached a certain stability, Alien fan not Miracoli, think that goes very well in the conversion DEB, and when should mention bene convert to RPM. However, if the package is available for the native operating system is good to install the. Alien use only in case of need.


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  1. Usually the compilation of “alien” through source code problems, l'ho testata of Fedora 10 onwards and I have never encountered.

    You can download it from here:

  2. where I can try out the source code of alien for redhat seen that with yum install alien nrisco not to install?

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