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Today's tutorial is very simple, let's see how add a small monochrome frame to a photo and round them off the corners with GIMP.

First choose the image to which to apply the frame. Will choose this, a photo 2394x1689 pixel:


The second step is to click on the active layer with the right mouse button and select "Alpha to Selection”. That:


Now create a new layer (with the appropriate button in the Layers dialog) , and let transparent:


Now go to "Select” – “Collapse"And set it as the value 25px (the larger the image will be the more pixels to reduce), that:



Now still on "Select” – “Rounded Rectangle"And set it yet 25 as the value for the rounding of the edges:



Now go to "Select” – “Invert"To select only the frame, and not the center of the image. Then we'll have to select a color of our choice for the board to be set as first floor, and then fill the selection with the "Color fill”:



And the work is finished this will be the:


Not enough?


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