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Perhaps you've heard of SourceForge, But perhaps not everyone knows that it has recently renewed in graphics, and especially in 'Usability.


Now you can search for software dedicated to Windows, Mac, the GNU/Linux The difference is that everything has been cataloged and categorized. In the central part there is now a menu with the most popular software for the selected operating system, divided into the categories "File sharing”, “Backup”, “Security”, “Games”, “Software dev.”, “System admin”, “Business”, “Audio/Video”. E 'was added an efficient menu on the left with the possible categories of software, also divided into sub-categories. The pages devoted to individual software have been changed in order to find the useful links in a more intuitive. The look n 'feel is greatly improved and with it the automatic management of the mirror.

Usually the proprietary software that the average user can not do without have an equivalent open source, until now it was not always easy to find, but with this "release"SourceForge everything has been greatly simplified.

For those wishing to find open source software equivalent to the commercial software also suggest Partly.

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