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On the net there are a wide range of are free and often can also be used for commercial purposes, and for "Vasta gamma"I mean that there is something for all tastes. What we will do today is "smooth edges"The letters written in arial with GIMP.

Create a new image, on which we write the text to be "round"With the tool"text”:


Clicking the Right click on the text layer, select "level-size image”:


We set up a blur on the text (“Filters” – “Blur” – “Gaussian”). The amount of blur varies according to the size of the font used. I used 10×10:


Now, go to the menu "Filters” – “Improvement” – “Unsharp Mask"And keeping an eye on the proposal in the preview window, change the amount of '"amount”, in order to obtain the desired result:


If the result is not as hoped it will be necessary repeat the washing procedure "Unsharp Mask”, But do not compromise the eye 'antialiasing image, the result of a 'exaggerated amount of "Unsharp Mask"Is this:


The result of a right Use of the "Unsharp Mask"Will instead this:

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