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Tutorial: frame and rounded corners with GIMP


Today's tutorial is very simple, let's see how add a small monochrome frame to a photo and round them off the corners with GIMP.

First choose the image to which to apply the frame. Will choose this, a photo 2394x1689 pixel:


SourceForge, the site dedicated to open source software

Perhaps you've heard of SourceForge, But perhaps not everyone knows that it has recently renewed in graphics, and especially in 'Usability.



PSD Graphics, graphic resources

Today in the side menu you will find a new link of graphic resources. PSD Graphics.



PSD Graphics is a site Anglophone Amateur, which provides for free of Photoshop source files created by webmaster. The site is constantly updated, the use of the file, however, is limited to 'personal use. There is also a way to include graphics products Site buying a business license very economical (The 3EUR, 4The EUR 5EUR). [more]

The site is divided into few clear categories:

Files downloaded (in ".psd”) are native to PhotoShop, but can also be used with Gimp which recognizes the format ed to levels.

PSD Graphics is a rich site, the designer is very good and creates eye-catching graphics. Would recommend anyone to have a go.


Fotoxx, image editor

Today we see a small, but useful program for 'organization and manipulation easy photo. Fotoxx.

Like all software treaty so far, Fotoxx is an application open source, without constraints nor restrictions, available for All platforms (GNU/Linux, Windows and MacOS X). [more]


Fotoxx has the same functions as Picasa (di Google), with the difference to be open source. With Fotoxx we can catalog our photos in album, and you can also manipulate the image on a basic level. Nothing filters, levels the Masks level, Fotoxx first of all is a program for the image cataloging, photo editing functions are very limited (but still very useful).

The program also includes a utility for rename batches of photos, a very useful utility for burning on CD or DVD and the possibility of make the slideshow.


Meebo IM, the client on the web

For several years now use Meebo, a free web service that allows you to connect to the various IM (MSN, gTalk, Jabber, ICQ, etc..) via web interface.


Meebo is fully developed in AJAX, and the team of developers is constantly updated with regard to the backend. The developments, some short goods and tips are listed in the official blog of Meebo. As regards the connection to the IM user Unregistered will have access to any IM available, but not all simultaneously, among other things will not change the custom avatar. The user recorded can instead connect to different clients with a single password, change your avatar (which is also stored in subsequent connections) changing skin.

Meebo is used all over the world, and leans to the libraries "libpurple”, which also uses the same Pidgin, the well-known IM client included in the major GNU / Linux distributions.

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Puredyne: A distribution for artists, by artists

I learned very little from a new distribution GNU / Linux live fully open source, basata su Ubuntu 9.10 and DebianLive completely oriented artistic production. Puredyne.


In recent years many projects "for multimedia"Based on GNU/Linux (to name a few among the best known: 64studio, UbuntuStudio), all with same characteristics. I would not want this project also became a huge Calderone in which thread each multimedia project, from 'image editor, to DAW, all’editor video. If it was that would lose much of its usefulness.

Soon a detailed review as it is tested, for now only a promising project, another promising project.


Tutorial: Rounded letters with GIMP

On the net there are a wide range of are free and often can also be used for commercial purposes, and for "Vasta gamma"I mean that there is something for all tastes. What we will do today is "smooth edges"The letters written in arial with GIMP.

Create a new image, on which we write the text to be "round"With the tool"text”: