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Today we are computer security. Maybe we do not know, but for those who do not use special devices to your pc is risk. If it is stolen, the thief would have free access to all sensitive data content. For this it is important to use some small measure. In the article we will deal with:

  • security not to lose the important data,
  • security not to disclose the sensitive data,
  • safety in case of theft data.

For each of these points there is a program suitable, indeed.. esise a program specially. Of course open-source.


TrueCrypt is a very important program for the (as the name implies) encryption "On the fly" of entire hard disks or partitions simple file. With TrueCrypt can encrypt a usb stick, a slave disk or even the 'entire operating system the master disk, setting a password be entered to boot the computer. And 'particularly it is known for its ease of use in file or folder encryption. Can handle large files with no problems, and through its encryption algorithms (Also based on the random movement of the mouse) It makes it very difficult to decrypt the "encrypted". E 'available natively for Linux, but also for Microsoft and OS X.

A program for the encryption of data is mainly used as for the sensitive data, ie personal information such as political or religious, sexual orientation, the residence, information about the birth and everything related to the privacy of the person. Of course it can also be used for data of lesser importance (or greater depending on the case).


Rsync is a program to synchronize files or folders. As TrueCrypt is multiplatform, provides native support on Linux, but it can also be installed on Microsoft and OS X. Rsync is a candidate for the creation of copie di backup or to synchronize a given position. For synchronization occupies minimal bandwidth available, automatically finding the differences between the old and the new data and replacing only those with differences. It 'also possible to configure it so that the old data is not deleted, but it is made only a backup to not overwrite a potentially important work. Rsync can copy or move the data whether they are on the LAN, whether they are on the Internet. E 'can configure it to synchronize two computers geographically very far apart. Rsync deals with displacement only or copying files, therefore works with any extension and has no limits in terms of file size and quantity than those imposed by the physical bandwidth. Rsync is not developed to be used with a graphical user interface. To use rsync in the desktop you can always install Grsync , a convenient gui that takes care of interfacing the user with the terminal.

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A program for the synchronization is mainly used when you want to be sure to keep old data safe, the creation of a backup copy is critical for important data. The data and be kept in a single copy may be lost beyond recovery.


Prey is a program developed for the tracing of stolen computers. If you installed, Prey lets you recover your stolen PC via ip tracking when the computer is connected to internet. Among the features that make Prey one of the best software for this purpose definitely remember the fact that it is open source. Adeona is another software with these features, also seemed very promising, but for some time no longer if not for the testing as it was based on OpenDHT backend PlanetLab now no longer available. Prey is also multiplatform, It developed natively for Linux but also runs on Microsoft and OS X. Unlike Adeona, Prey is totally independent of external services to the pc, and when it comes to program opensource anyone except the user can have control of the machine.

A program for tracking is primarily used on laptops, it is easier to steal a laptop compared to a desktop computer. However installation is possible on any type of computer, such as the internet point managers may be concerned about the store's equipment.


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