Into the (open) source


What you are visiting is not a commercial site and articles published in this blog not contain any form of advertising, even targeted. I strongly believe in filosofia open source, and I write my articles to help the community of the internet grow free. My concrete contribution is the direct payment of the domain and web space on which it is hosted on this site, also contribute with my items, I write for the good of the community and for which I do not receive any compensation.

For this reason I give up fin da subito the inclusion of my articles in third party sites that may accrue an economic return (per se or other) the inclusion of such items. Are otherwise conducive to exchanging links, Pingback, or any other form of sharing remains free as long as free, no gain or for me, or for any other else but in terms of knowledge.

Also point out that this blog can not be defined newspaper for the purposes of recent laws and by-laws now in force.